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14/07/2021 Activities to increase Turkish forensic efficiency continue

Specialists from Turkey and Spain exchange experiences in advanced forensic methods through the European twinning project between the two...

14/04/2021 New forensic investigation methods and techniques in Turkey

The Guardia Civil provides training on footwear impression evidence and tyre tread databases to Turkish institutions as part of the EU-Turkey...

12/11/2020 Turkish laboratories reinforce forensic examination of damaged documents

The twinning forensic training project has worked in Turkey on this matter alongside the Spanish Civil Guard’s Forensic...

19/10/2020 Forensic laboratories closer to achieving European accreditation

Turkey increases the efficiency of forensic science and legal procedures thanks to the twinning project on forensic laboratory...

05/10/2020 New activity to increase the efficiency of forensic science in Turkey

Training through inter-laboratory exercises for the analysis of illicit drugs has been carried out to facilitate the harmonisation of quality...

27/07/2020 Turkey and Spain continue to undertake training in advanced forensic methods

Two new activities have been carried out on fingerprint development techniques and on DNA...

07/07/2020 Turkey and Spain continue to share their expertise in forensic science

The forensic methods twinning project in Turkey is providing new specialised training in case evaluation and interpreting of expert...

23/06/2020 Spanish and Turkish scientists exchange experiences regarding the latest forensic techniques

The forensic training twinning project in Turkey organises an activity on the analysis of fire residues to boost the accreditation of its...

11/10/2019 Turquía consolida sus capacidades en análisis forense

Se trata de un nuevo proyecto de Hermanamiento en el que se implementarán nuevas técnicas forenses en línea con las prácticas de la Unión...

23/10/2019 Turquía y España intercambian buenas prácticas en materia forense

Personal de la Jandarma y Policía Nacional turca ha visitado las instalaciones de los laboratorios forenses españoles para conocer sus técnicas de...


FIIAPP Interviews: Carolina Sánchez

FIIAPP Interviews: Carolina Sánchez

We talk to Carolina Sánchez In this video she talks about the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences and its...

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05/09/2019 FIIAPP Expatriates: Araceli Vázquez

"The Turks are very welcoming and when they find out I am Spanish even more...

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21/11/2019 “Forensic science helps guarantee and improve the quality of police investigations”

We interview Jesús Agudo Ordóñez, leader of the Twinning project “Forensic training towards...

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Improving forensic laboratories in Turkey

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