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04/04/2022 Training of law enforcement officials in the CT Public Spaces project continues

Guardia Civil trains more than 288 professionals in Ghana, Kenya, Senegal and Spain through the CT Public Spaces...

16/11/2021 Public security professionals train to prevent attacks

44 national security professionals from Senegal and Ghana have been trained in the Rural Action Unit of the Guardia...

06/04/2021 FIIAPP participates in the Niamey Forum on peace and stability

This conference on combatting terrorism in the Sahel was attended by more than 50 international terrorism...

10/03/2021 Logroño, headquarters of facilities vital for combating terrorism

The mayor of Logroño visits the Guardia Civil’s facilities where the CT Public Spaces project carries out activities to prevent and reduce...

10/12/2020 Training and specialisation to improve security in Senegal

The European Union prevents and reduces terrorist attacks by using Guardia Civil officers to train the Senegalese security...

10/11/2020 First mission in Kenya of the project CT Public Spaces

Civil Guard specialists travel to Kenya to work together to fight terrorism and improve safety in public...

01/10/2020 Activities to improve the security of public spaces in Senegal continue

Guardia Civil and FIIAPP visit Senegal to coordinate the forthcoming activities of the CT Public Spaces...

20/05/2021 The Guardia Civil trains the Senegalese Police in anti-terrorism techniques

The Guardia Civil has been training the Senegalese Police and Gendarmerie within the framework of the CT Public Spaces cooperation...


CT Public Spaces, protecting public areas

CT Public Spaces, protecting public areas

El coronel, Javier Hernández, nos habla del trabajo en el continente africano para prevenir atentados terroristas en espacios...

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20/07/2021 #PublicExpertise: Improving security in Ghana, Kenya and Senegal

Civil Guard Colonel Javier Hernández coordinates the European CT-Public Spaces project to...

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04/02/2021 “We must be prepared to prevent attacks and this is why we train”

The CT Public Spaces project, which is funded by the European Union, implemented by the Spanish...

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CT Public Spaces, protection of public spaces

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