Support to Inclusive African Public Policies Programme (APPIA)


05/10/2017 The APIA programme contributes to better water management in Cape Verde

The Programme for Inclusive Public Policies in Africa (APIA) promotes the efficient use of water and the prevention of water-borne...

15/06/20115 Civil society, public institutions and companies discuss corporate social responsibility in Mozambique

The cooperation programme Support for Inclusive Public Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa (APIA), managed by the AECID and the FIIAPP, holds a training...

03/07/2015 “Healthcare for Everyone” in Ethiopia

Over the coming weeks, a delegate from Spanish Cooperation will be joining the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency to provide expert technical...

30/03/2015 APIA starts its work in support of redistributive tax policies in Mozambique

The project will provide technical assistance to the Mozambican Tax Authority and contribute to strengthening its...

06/04/2016 Ethiopian experts study the Spanish public health system

Ethiopia has started to provide universal health coverage to the entire population with the help of Spanish Cooperation through its APIA...




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