European Union-Cuba experience exchange


07/08/2020 Cuba and Costa Rica work together to improve their geostatistical framework

With support from the European Union, they are merging their statistical and geographic information for use by the government, the academic sector and Cuban...

28/12/2016 A delegation of Cuban experts visits Sweden to receive training on biogas

Five Cuban officials, representatives of various ministries, visited Sweden as part of the Cuba-EU Expertise Exchange...

15/12/2016 Cuban experts visit Spain and the Netherlands to exchange experiences on foreign trade

The visit is part of the international cooperation project for exchange of experts between the EU and...

23/07/2015 Cuban experts visit Spain’s tax agency

The training visit is one of the activities of the “Cuba-EU expert exchange” cooperation programme managed by the FIIAPP Its objective is to...

29/09/2015 Cuba learns about Spain’s experience with statistics and risk management

Several Cuban delegations visited Madrid and London to learn about financial instruments for risk management and other economic matters as part of a...


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