COPOLAD II: Cooperation programme between CELAC and the EU on drug policies


16/06/2020 Successful completion of the second phase of the COPOLAD programme

After four and a half years of work, the European drug policy programme COPOLAD successfully closes its second...

03/06/2020 Alternative measures to prison: essential for cooperation

The European Union regional programmes, EL PAcCTO EUROsociAL+ and COPOLAD II, analyse alternative measures to prison in times of...

26/02/2020 Latin America and the Caribbean meet to assess the contribution of COPOLAD

The 'COPOLAD contribution to the work of the CELAC-EU Drug Coordination and Cooperation Mechanism' meeting was held in...

10/12/2019 Exchange of good practices in reducing drug demand

The CELAC-EU bi-regional meeting of the European COPOLAD programme represents a landmark in reducing drug demand in...

02/12/2019 In Panama, COPOLAD presents the “Paso@Paso” tool

A workshop was held to publicise the “Paso@Paso” instrument that helps improve the planning of drug demand reduction...

24/10/2019 COPOLAD is committed to the prevention and control of the use of chemical precursors

The programme held its fourth edition of annual meetings focused on the control of chemical precursors for the manufacture of illicit...

17/10/2019 A virtual tool for drug demand reduction

A total of 35 professionals in the Caribbean have learnt to use this COPOLAD programme instrument through practical...

06/08/2019 Effectively reducing the demand for drugs

COPOLAD proposes the use of a new tool to improve the planning of drug demand reduction...

29/07/2019 COPOLAD drives progress in alternative development

The programme organised a forum in Ciudad La Antigua, Guatemala focused on the exchange of good practices in this...

07/06/2019 A European-Latin American space of shared values

Working meeting between the European Commission’s cooperation and development office and FIIAPP’s Latin America...

24/05/2019 CELAC-EU bi-regional meeting on the exchange of good practices

Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union meet to analyse and discuss money laundering and the recovery of illegal drug trafficking...

02/04/2019 COPOLAD presents advances in its National Drug Observatories

The 3rd Annual Meeting of National Drug Observatories brought together specialists from Latin America, the Caribbean and the...

22/03/2019 Latin America and the Caribbean advance their public policies on drugs

COPOLAD presented its success stories in inter-institutional coordination of drug policies in Uruguay, Jamaica and El Salvador to the United...

19/11/2018 COPOLAD brings together 36 countries of the EU and CELAC in Portugal

At the Third Annual Week on Precursors, held in Lisbon, the main theme was new psychoactive substances and the threat they...

27/08/2018 The Uruguayan Agency for International Cooperation visits FIIAPP

Ambas instituciones han reflexionado sobre la necesidad de un modelo de cooperación que se adapte a las necesidades de los países...

18/07/2018 FIIAPP programmes, present at the UE-CELAC meeting

The work of EUROsociAL, El PAcCTO and EUROCLIMA + fulfils the commitments of both regions to social cohesion, citizen security and the...

21/06/2018 The gender perspective in drug policy

FIIAPP and the Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs (DGPNSD) organized the 3rd Annual Conference of the COPOLAD II programme in the...

12/04/2018 COPOLAD meeting on interrupting cocaine trafficking routes

The programme financed by the EU covers 34 countries, aiming to identify and investigate drug routes through international...


FIIAPP testimonials: National drug monitoring centres

FIIAPP testimonials: National drug monitoring centres

National drug monitoring centres tell us about their work in Latin America and how the COPOLAD...

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FIIAPP testimonials: CELAC-EU drug coordination and cooperation mechanism

FIIAPP testimonials: CELAC-EU drug coordination and cooperation mechanism

COPOLAD is an EU-funded project that encourages the promotion of evidence-based public policies on...

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What is a forerunner?

What is a forerunner?

Launched in 2011, the first phase of COPOLAD was an excellent opportunity to exchange information...

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FIIAPP interviews: Juana Herrera Araúz

FIIAPP interviews: Juana Herrera Araúz

We talked to the director of the Panamanian National Institute of Mental Health about the services...

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20/02/2020 When acetone becomes a drug: How are explosives and narcotics precursors controlled?

We interviewed Jose Luis Martin, head of service of the precursor area of the Intelligence Centre...

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19/09/2019 COPOLAD, EL PAcCTO, EUROsociAL+ and the value of joint work in Latin America and the Caribbean

These projects, financed by the European Union and in whose management the FIIAPP participates,...

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What is a forerunner?

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