Fight against irregular immigration and people trafficking in Niger


25/01/2022 The security forces of Niger reach out to citizens

The ECI Niger cooperation project has played the leading role in the 1st Conference of the Territory Directorate that is working to raise its...

28/09/2021 New computer equipment in Niger to fight criminal networks

The European ECI Niger project has delivered computer equipment to the Nigerian police with the aim of improving the skills of their...

23/04/2021 IT tools training for Niger police forces

ECI-Niger supports the Niger Directorate of Territorial Surveillance in training on computer tools for police...

06/04/2021 FIIAPP participates in the Niamey Forum on peace and stability

This conference on combatting terrorism in the Sahel was attended by more than 50 international terrorism...

23/02/2021 Recognition of the achievements of the joint investigation team of Niger

Niger celebrates the smooth running of the ECI-Niger project in an official ceremony highlighting the work of the joint team members and the results...

17/07/2020 The ECI Niger European cooperation project is extended for three more years

The successes achieved in the first three years have promoted the continuity of the project that fights the criminal networks of illegal immigration...

13/09/2019 Niger and Nigeria, together in the fight against human trafficking

Both countries have established collaboration protocols between agents responsible for identifying and prosecuting traffickers and...

12/07/2019 The EU and Niger fight against human trafficking and smuggling at borders

The National Police and FIIAPP highlighted the best way to proceed in the initial reception process for migrants and asylum...

21/03/2018 Niger fights people trafficking

The Nigerien policemen were being trained in criminal network procedures as part of the project Niger JIT, which is funded by the European...

02/07/2018 Presentation of the GAR-SI Sahel and ECI Niger projects in Niamey (Niger)

It took place at the Regional Conference of the Internal Security Forces in the fight against trafficking and smuggling of...


ECI Niger: Disrupt irregular migration and trafficking

ECI Niger: Disrupt irregular migration and trafficking

ECI-Níger está liderado por España, con la gestión de la FIIAPP y el trabajo de la Policía Nacional y el apoyo de la policía francesa, lucha contra la trata de personas y la migración...

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31/08/2021 #PublicExpertise: ECI-Niger has helped save many lives

Víctor Requeni is Chief Inspector of the National Police and has taken part in FIIAPP's...

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19/08/2021 #PublicExpertise: protecting people who have been tricked from perishing in the desert

Daniel Torres is a National Police officer who has worked as an expert on the ECI-Niger project...

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23/07/2020 FIIAPP Expatriates: Fernando Guerrero

“Niger, with its diverse culture and ethnicity, is a country of...

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23/03/2018 “They think it’s better to die than to stay at home doing nothing”

Abdou Salam Moumouni is a police commissioner and head of the Special Investigations Division in...

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Lucha contra las redes criminales de inmigración ilegal y tráfico de personas en Níger

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