Seaport Cooperation Project (SEACOP III)


08/07/2019 2nd SEACOP transregional meeting on the fight against drug trafficking

The SEACOP project organized this event to improve communication between the countries affected by the cocaine...

12/02/2018 First meeting of the Latin American units on port cooperation

Peru and Ecuador are the latest countries to joint SEACOP IV, the project to combat maritime drug trafficking and criminal...

11/10/2017 Colombia, Panama and the Dominican Republic join SEACOP, the Seaport Cooperation Project

The SEACOP Seaport Cooperation Project has inaugurated a training course for Maritime Intelligence Units with the participation of three...

25/04/2016 Antigua and Barbuda improve in control of maritime trafficking

The security forces of Antigua and Barbuda held courses to improve their training related to the fight against illegal maritime trafficking and to...


FIIAPP Interviews: SEACOP project specialists

FIIAPP Interviews: SEACOP project specialists

SEACOP project specialists tell us what this project consists of and what it has...

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07/01/2021 “SEACOP has created the bridges necessary to carry out future operations to fight drug trafficking”

Alberto Morales, the chief inspector with the National Police and key expert with SEACOP, the port cooperation project, tells us about the progress made in the four phases of the European cooperation project, which is about to...

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Seacop, cooperación para luchar contra el narcotráfico

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