15/07/2020 Country Dialogues, a commitment between EUROCLIMA+ and its partners

After a successful pilot experience, the 'Country Dialogues' prove themselves a key tool of the...

08/07/2020 Chile and Spain strengthen their national climate change laws

EUROCLIMA+ has organised a webinar on the contribution that citizen participation has made to climate change...

22/06/2020 Honduras to restore one million hectares of forest

EUROCLIMA+ has joined forces with Honduras to encourage reforestation by providing small farmers with...

02/06/2020 Latin America promotes the monitoring and evaluation of climate policies

New working session of the Community of Practice for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate...

20/05/2020 EUROCLIMA+ supports Chile in the climate change law

Among all its actions, the climate governance area of the European programme is working with Chile to improve the climate change...

13/04/2020 Climate change and long-term strategies

EUROCLIMA+ has carried out a multi-country action to establish long-term climate strategies to comply with the...

01/04/2019 EUROCLIMA+ presents a publication on climate empowerment

The study is based on the so-called “Action for Climate Empowerment” and its capacity to bring about change in Latin...

13/12/2019 FIIAPP underlines its commitment to COP25

Managers at FIIAPP and the Foundation's other projects took part in a series of events of the United Nations Climate...

16/03/2020 Nicaragua adapts to climate change by configuring possible scenarios

EUROCLIMA+ held a meeting to present a web viewer with climate change scenarios to several institutions for training...

21/02/2020 EUROCLIMA+ bets on a direct dialogue with Latin America

The director of the programme explains the efforts to face climate change with indigenous peoples and with a gender...

15/01/2020 Peru takes up the fight against climate change with the support of EUROCLIMA+

This Latin American country has approved regulations that will implement the Framework Law against the climate...

18/10/2019 EUROCLIMA+ celebra su encuentro anual en el marco de la PreCOP25

En el evento se ha definido el documento con las líneas estratégicas a seguir en la nueva etapa del programa que comenzará el próximo...

16/10/2019 EUROCLIMA+, presente en la PreCop25 celebrada en Costa Rica

El encuentro ha contado con la participación de panelistas destacados que han compartido sus experiencias en el marco del programa...

24/07/2019 EUROCLIMA+ organizes a workshop on adapting to climate change

The Programme is committed to training to make progress in the shared challenge of measuring adaptation to climate change in Latin American...

14/06/2019 EUROCLIMA+ present at the NDC Global Conference 2019

The EUROCLIMA+ programme has offered a session focused on issues that need to be taken into account for monitoring and evaluating public climate...


Stories of Cooperation: FIIAPP’s work in EUROCLIMA+

Stories of Cooperation: FIIAPP’s work in EUROCLIMA+

Representatives of Latin American institutions and of the EUROCLIMA+ programme tell us about the efforts being made to achieve progress on climate...

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Another Look: How does Climate Change affect us?

Another Look: How does Climate Change affect us?

Today we go out into the street to see what the public thinks of climate...

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FIIAPP interviews: Fabiola Muñoz

FIIAPP interviews: Fabiola Muñoz

Peru's Minister for the Environment talks about his country's situation regarding climate...

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FIIAPP videos: Climate crisis and cooperation

FIIAPP videos: Climate crisis and cooperation

European and Spanish cooperation and FIIAPP are united against the climate crisis with projects...

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FIIAPP interviews: Milciades Concepción

FIIAPP interviews: Milciades Concepción

We interview Milciades Concepción, Panama's environment minister In this video, he talks to...

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25/06/2020 “The global challenge is clear: the widening in the gender gap is a reality”

Icíar Bosch, Jimena Cazzaniga and Ana Cirujano, FIIAPP colleagues who are also part of the Foundation's gender group, tell us how they see gender equality as being in danger at the global level due to the Covid-19...

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04/06/2020 World Environment Day: contributions to tackling climate change from Latin America

FIIAPP takes part in World Environment Day by highlighting the EUROCLIMA+ programme, an example of...

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27/06/2019 Protect the environment, an obligation on all of us

On the occasion of World Environment Day, celebrated on 5 June, and World Oceans Day, commemorated...

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28/02/2019 Renewable energies and their relationship with climate change

Climate change is increasingly evident The FIIAPP is committed to sustainability through two...

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26/03/2020 Cyclogenesis was called climate change

We commemorate World Meteorological Day, which is held on 23 March and which highlights the...

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