GAR-SI SAHEL: Rapid Action Groups for monitoring and intervention in the Sahel


06/04/2021 FIIAPP participates in the Niamey Forum on peace and stability

This conference on combatting terrorism in the Sahel was attended by more than 50 international terrorism...

18/05/2020 Global threats and security in the Sahel, new and old challenges

GAR-SI Sahel project has addressed in a webinar with various specialists the main challenges facing this geographical...

29/03/2019 The GAR-SI Sahel project presents its first results

Brussels hosted the first project management meeting in which the Member States and African countries participating in it have been...

17/05/2018 The Prime Minister is briefed on the GAR-SI project

The Prime Minister inaugurates the Special Forces Training Ground (SFTG) in Logroño, where experts are trained as part of the European Union-funded...

18/08/2017 Implementation of GAR-SI Sahel begins in Mauritania

The project to strengthen security in the Sahel region takes its first steps in...

02/07/2018 Presentation of the GAR-SI Sahel and ECI Niger projects in Niamey (Niger)

It took place at the Regional Conference of the Internal Security Forces in the fight against trafficking and smuggling of...

03/02/2020 The Rural Action Unit of the Civil Guard hosts a GAR-SI SAHEL seminar in Logroño

The objective of the coordination meeting was to take stock of phase I of the project and guide the new phase of...


Cooperation Story: GARSI Sahel

Cooperation Story: GARSI Sahel

The head of the GARSI Sahel project and the coordinators of the countries in which they work tell us what the project involves and how it is helping the area in terms of...

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25/06/2020 “The global challenge is clear: the widening in the gender gap is a reality”

Icíar Bosch, Jimena Cazzaniga and Ana Cirujano, FIIAPP colleagues who are also part of the...

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05/03/2020 Gender approach in cooperation projects

The FIIAPP manages projects that work with gender approaches and promote the fight against the...

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GAR-SI Sahel

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GARSI Sahel Civil Guard Rapid Action Groups in the Sahel

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