22/10/2021 Cooperación entre América Latina y Europa frente al narcotráfico

Las fuerzas de seguridad de la Unión Europea y América Latina intercambian experiencias a través de la Secretaría Ejecutiva de AMERIPOL y el...

13/08/2021 Operation Link II: Fighting against drug trafficking

The Support for AMERIPOL's project participates in the presentation of the results of the Link II operation against drug...

21/07/2021 Good practices in investigations into illegal migration, human trafficking and smuggling

Latin America and Europe share experiences and good practices for investigating migration crimes through the EL PAcCTO project: Support to...

16/02/2021 Global alliance to combat COVID19 vaccine trafficking

The EL PAcCTO project: Support for AMERIPOL has helped to launch "Operation Link", an initiative to put a stop to COVID19 vaccine trafficking...

01/12/2020 The pandemic is causing an increase in violence against women

International police cooperation joins forces and shares experiences to act against a growth in gender...

19/11/2020 EL PAcCTO: Support to AMERIPOL participates in the XII AMERIPOL Summit

A report of last year’s management and the main lines of the future are presented at the 22nd Summit of the Central American Police Community...

04/11/2020 International cooperation works against violence in sport

In the context of the COVID19 situation, the European EL PAcCTO project is supporting AMERIPOL with its work to promote good practices and systems in...

25/09/2020 Societies with more protection thanks to coordination between public and private security

Police forces from Europe and 17 countries in Latin America meet to improve citizen secu-rity and combat...

18/09/2020 International cooperation stops the counterfeiting of medical supplies

The EL PAcCTO project: Support for Ameripol has collaborated in the coordination between Latin America and the European Union against this type of...

28/05/2020 COVID19 fuels the illicit medicines trade

The American Police Community (AMERIPOL) exchanges information with European police units on counterfeit...

11/05/2020 Exchange of good police practices between Europe and Latin America

New conference of El PAcCTO: Support to AMERIPOL to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Latin...

16/04/2020 AMERIPOL tackles misinformation and cybercrime

During the COVID-19 crisis, the European EL PAcCTO project: AMERIPOL offers video conferences on important topics for the police and individuals to...

06/04/2020 The Police share good practices with the Americas to combat Covid-19

EL PAcCTO: Support for Ameripol has organised a video conference between the National Police and...

13/11/2019 Bolivia and Colombia exchange knowledge on the fight against people smuggling and human trafficking

A Bolivian delegation visits the facilities of AMERIPOL, in Colombia, to learn about the mechanisms for combating people smuggling and human...

23/09/2019 The EU and AMERIPOL, united in the fight against the trafficking of synthetic drugs

Experts from EUROPOL, Spain’s National Police and Guardia Civil gave a presentation focused on the investigation of crimes involving the...

17/09/2019 EUROPOL, AMERIPOL and FIIAPP strengthen their relationship

The European Union agency in police matters and the Community of Police of the Americas strengthen links within the framework of the project EL...

05/06/2019 AMERIPOL and LaLiga together against violence in football

The project to support AMERIPOL promotes the signing of a collaboration convention to fight against corruption and violence in football...

21/03/2019 Police cooperation consolidates in its fight against organised crime

Ecuador hosted the act of commemoration of the agreement to reinforce police cooperation against organised...


What is… cyberpatrol?

What is… cyberpatrol?

The Chief Inspector of the National Police, Diego Alejandro Palomino, tells us what cyber patrolling is and the risks...

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#TheFIIAPPWay: The most common counterfeit drugs

#TheFIIAPPWay: The most common counterfeit drugs

The head of the Consumption Group in the Consumption, Environment and Doping Section tells us which...

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#TheFIIAPPWay: Cyber patrol at times of COVID19

#TheFIIAPPWay: Cyber patrol at times of COVID19

What do the National Police find when cyber patrolling Chief inspector Diego Alejandro tells us...

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#TheFIIAPPway: Fake News

#TheFIIAPPway: Fake News

What is Fake News How does it affect citizens FIIAPP and European cooperation combat...

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#TheFIIAPPWay: Phishing

#TheFIIAPPWay: Phishing

What is Phishing How does it affect citizens FIIAPP and European cooperation combat disinformation...

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25/06/2020 “The global challenge is clear: the widening in the gender gap is a reality”

Icíar Bosch, Jimena Cazzaniga and Ana Cirujano, FIIAPP colleagues who are also part of the Foundation's gender group, tell us how they see gender equality as being in danger at the global level due to the Covid-19...

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02/07/2020 “Police and judicial cooperation must fight disinformation”

Chief Inspector Diego Alejandro Palomino speaks about fake news, what it is, the problems it causes...

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14/05/2020 “The Internet has no borders and criminals find a way to attack” 

On 17 May, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is held and FIIAPP is working on...

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25/07/2019 Money laundering, a threat to social and financial stability

Money laundering is closely related to crimes such as drug trafficking, corruption and organized...

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16/04/2020 FIIAPP puts its efforts into fighting the health crisis

FIIAPP shows its commitment as a key actor in cooperation to respond to the...

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