A-TIPSOM: fight against human trafficking and irregular migration in Nigeria


20/10/2020 FIIAPP commemorates European Day Against Human Trafficking in Nigeria

The European A-TIPSOM project has brought together survivors and partner institutions to hold an awareness event in Nigeria against human...

29/09/2020 A blow against trafficking: Nigeria strengthens its victim protection laws

A-TIPSOM has supported the Nigerian government in the review and updating of two important documents for the protection and rehabilitation of...

01/09/2020 Nigeria strengthens its law on the protection and assistance for victims of trafficking

The A-TIPSOM project accompanies Nigeria in reviewing and updating its law on the protection of victims of human...

10/07/2020 Victims of human trafficking and people smuggling in Nigeria receive sanitary equipment and food

A-TIPSOM has delivered sanitary materials and food to vulnerable victims of trafficking and people smuggling in an effort not to leave anyone...

01/06/2020 The radio programme fighting human trafficking in Nigeria

The A-TIPSOM project launches a weekly space to raise awareness and educate the population about this...

30/04/2020 The impact of COVID19 on people trafficking and the smuggling of migrants

The A-TIPSOM Project has organised the tweetchat entitled “COVID19: It's Impact on Human Trafficking and Migrant...

13/09/2019 Niger and Nigeria, together in the fight against human trafficking

Both countries have established collaboration protocols between agents responsible for identifying and prosecuting traffickers and...

11/02/2020 First meeting of the A-TIPSOM project steering committee held in Nigeria

During the meeting an analysis of the achievements to date was conducted, and forthcoming activities were set...

09/07/2019 Nigeria promotes the fight against trafficking and trafficking in human beings

A-TIPSOM achieves the signing of four memorandums of understanding between FIIAPP and Nigerian stakeholders, such as the police, immigration services...

21/09/2018 The anti-trafficking and irregular migration project in Nigeria kicks off

The FIIAPP team is announcing its objectives at different meetings and events in the country, in order to reach institutions and...

03/04/2020 A-TIPSOM donates materials to strengthen support for victims of trafficking

The European project being carried out in Nigeria has donated materials to a shelter that assists victims of...


FIIAPP videos: A-TIPSOM project Nigeria

FIIAPP videos: A-TIPSOM project Nigeria

The A-TIPSOM project focuses on the national, regional and EU-Nigeria levels and focuses on women and children, the main victims of...

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25/11/2020 ‘Violence against women is not something some group made up’

The 25 of November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women At the...

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30/07/2020 “The interruption of cooperation would mean a second victimisation for the women and girls who are trafficked”

An expert from the A-TIPSOM project tells us why cooperation is more necessary than ever to fight...

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31/01/2019 “Nigeria es uno de los países origen de trata de seres humanos y tráfico de personas más importante del mundo”

Rafael Ríos, head of the project "A-TIPSOM: fighting against human trafficking and irregular...

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16/05/2019 FIIAPP Expatriates: Rafael Ríos

Rafael Ríos, coordinator of A-TIPSOM: the fight against people trafficking and irregular migration...

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