• 20 January 2015


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    Our goal is total and comprehensive integration of persons with disabilities

    For Tunisia, assistance to persons with disabilities has been left out of its programmes for socio-occupational integration of this collective in society. The country's Minister of Social Affairs, M. Ahmed Ammar Youmbai, tells us about this in this interview.


    We also talk about the project financed by the European Union and managed by the FIIAPP, which in the past two years has sent 20 Spanish experts to the North African country to support the goal of total and comprehensive integration of persons with disabilities.

    This project has contributed to improving the educational level of and establishing an inclusive educational model for minors with disabilities in regular educational centres, as well as to promoting access to employment by this population.
    In the area of education, 36 professionals, including teachers, physical therapists, speech therapists and psychologists, were trained to enable them to adapt their educational system to the needs of minors with disabilities.

    With respect to integration into the labour market, 48 employment office counsellors and social workers were trained to guide members of this group in their job search and in researching prospective companies.

    You can read the entire interview with the Minister of Social Affairs here and hear from the beneficiaries of this project on our radio programme ‘Public cooperation around the world’(Radio 5, all news).



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