Improvement of Road Safety in Algeria

For the last two years, the FIIAPP has been leading this project, financed by the European Commission, which provides support to the Algerian National Prevention and Road Safety Centre (CNPSR). Spanish experts from the Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT) will help their Algerian counterparts create a database that will provide reliable accident statistics. They will work to make highway controls more effective and also collaborate in the management of highway infrastructures in order to remedy certain deficiencies in zones which are more prone to accidents.

In 2009, the Algerian government took legal measures with the intention of stopping the trend towards increasingly serious accidents in the country, but the effects observed to date are still poor.

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    Seguridad y lucha contra el crímen organizado

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    Comisión Europea

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    Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT)

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