Improvement of probation services in Croatia

This project, funded by the European Commission and managed by FIIAPP jointly with Internationale Rechtliche Zussammenarbeit (IRZ) of Germany, has the objective of improving probation services. A pilot electronic surveillance project has been introduced for this purpose. Overcrowding has historically been an important concern for the Croatian prison system. The increased effectiveness of probation procedures will contribute to reducing the prison population. Since 2007, various twinning projects have been undertaken to improve the country's probation services. For the next 15 months, experts from the Spanish Secretariat-General of Penal Institutions will be working with their Croatian counterparts to improve probation in the country in accordance with EU standards.

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    Justicia y Transparencia

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    Comisión Europea

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    Ministerio del Interior y Secretaría General de Instituciones Penitenciarias

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