Improving the blood donation and tissue and cell transplant system in Croatia

Croatia has set an objective of improving and making more efficient its blood donation and tissue and cell transplant systems, as well as their in-vitro fertilisation techniques. With the help of this project, funded by the European Union in the amount of €1 million and managed by FIIAPP, Spanish experts from the Catalan Transplant Organisation (OCATT) and the Tissue and Cell Bank (BST) are advising Croatian medical personnel to help bring the country closer to its objective.


This project will work on training the professionals and making them aware of the importance of tissue and cell donation.

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    Políticas Sociales y Derechos

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    Comisión Europea

  • Collaborating Spanish institution

    Organización catalana de trasplantes

  • Date

    Start - 05/06/2015
    End - 05/12/2015

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