• 26 August 2021


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    #PublicExpertise: Improving patent systems encourages innovation

    "I am proud to be leading a project in Egypt in which 4 different nationalities are working together."

    El especialista de la OEPM, Pedro Cartagena

    We interviewed Pedro Cartagena, an expert in intellectual property at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) and coordinator of a cooperation project in Egypt that is working to improve the Egyptian patent system: “I am proud to be leading a project in Egypt in which 4 different nationalities are working together.” The ultimate goal is to increase patent applications by Egyptian inventors, particularly within the scientific community. The programme will be led by specialists from the Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office (SPTO) with the participation of its Danish and German counterparts.

    What are you most proud of?

    Of successfully leading a project on which 4 different nationalities are working together with different mindsets and approaches.

    How has your assignment contributed to improving the lives of people and the planet?

    It’s difficult to say since the subject is a bit unusual as it has to do with patents. Improving and enhancing patent systems encourages innovation and most of them contribute to increasing well-being in society. 

    What is the main value of the public aspect for you?

    I am a civil servant of the General State Administration and therefore a defender of the public sectorwhen private initiatives are not involved. The public service must act where private initiatives are unable to intervene.

    What have you learnt?

    Living in a country like Egypt teaches you to value what you have much more and put everyday needs in perspective.

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