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    9 marzo, 2015 a las 10:41 am

    El 12 de marzo tendrá lugar en Luanda, Angola, el lanzamiento del proyecto de cooperación delegada gestionado por FIIAPP y la UE e implementado por el Fondo Apoyo Social (FAS).

    The Local Development Project aims to reduce, in accordance with the Angola 2025 strategy, territorial asymmetries and social disparities in access to basic public services, promote a diversified local economy and strengthen the capacities of local governments for providing quality services to the neediest families.

    The support of the European Union and the FIIAPP in the project makes it possible to expand the operational scope of the Social Support Fund to cover 14 of the country’s 18 provinces, and to achieve more geographically equitable coverage in the provision of basic services in localities where the Fund was previously not active.

    The project is being financed by the European Union in the amount of 29.85 million euros.