Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas

About us

  • A foundation of the public sector that manages international cooperation projects within the framework of the 2030 Agenda.
  • An actor of Spanish and European cooperation whose work is based on peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and learning between public administrations of different countries.
  • Present in more than 100 countries, accompanying partner countries and institutions in demand-driven, public policy reform processes, guided by their priorities and shared agendas.

Areas of action

Our activity is framed within the Spanish and EU foreign policy, and builds on public sector expertise to promote sustainable developmente under the SDGs 16 and 17 We promote the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies, building institucional capacities in the areas of justice, security, social affairs, governance, climate change and environment, economic development and public finance, among others

Who do we work with?

In FIIAPP we promote the participation of public administrations in international cooperation programmes, mobilizing the knowledge and experiences of the public systems of Spain, the European Unión and third countries.

State's General Administration of Spain

Regions and local authorities

Institutions of partner countries

EU Member States

European Commission

International organisations

Who do we work for?

We contribute to improving the institutional framework and the functioning of public systems of our partner countries. Our commitment towards solid public institutions aims, ultimately, favouring the delivery of public services for the benefit of citizens.

FIIAPP contributes to improving people’s lives and take care of the planet promoting sustainable development  in the framework of the 2030 Agenda

We have committed to supporting ecological transition, gender equality and safe human mobility.

How we work?

  • Through peer learning, capacity building and the exchange of relevant knowledge, experiences and practices between Public Administrations.
  • Through innovative methodologies for the orientation of technical knowledge towards development results that meet the needs and demands of partner countries.

  • In our daily work we capture, process and disseminate strategic, methodological and procedural knowledge to learn as an organisation, improve our management capacity and be more efficient in assistance with public policies that benefit citizens.
  • We are a knowledge organisation because the raw material we work with is knowledge.

Where we are?

FIIAPP’s activity is framed by the  External Action of the State and the European Union.

Geographical Presence


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