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The last 25 years have tested the resilience of our institutions. Different milestones have also triggered new global challenges that have made cooperation between institutions in different countries more important than ever. FIIAPP has accompanied this process by connecting public expertise.

Public systems facing history


Kyoto Protocol

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It was the first international agreement to curb the impact of climate change. It was the first time that binding and certain legal commitments were imposed. It was a mechanism for radical new ideas to combat climate change. Its legacy led the way for subsequent climate summits and demonstrated the need for cooperation to tackle climate change.
Inteligencia artificial

– Artificial intelligence: Deep Blue defeats Kasparov. IBM's chess program Deep Blue defeats world chess champion Garry Kasparov

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It was a significant milestone that demonstrated the potential of machines. Since then, we have seen amazing advances in the field of AI, but public institutions also face the challenge of safeguarding citizens from misuse. To meet this challenge, it is essential to adopt comprehensive digitisation strategies designed on solid ethical frameworks.

Creation of FIIAPP from the merger of two foundations. It starts its activity with a team of six people. 25 years later, more than 350 people work at FIIAPP.


Creation of the International Criminal Court

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The creation of the concept of universal justice has meant a great change, the emergence of humanity as a subject of law, the real projection of the much proclaimed universality of human rights.

FIIAPP receives the unique mandate in Spain to lead the Twinnings programmes to accompany Central and Eastern European countries in their entry into the European Union.

Atentados de Nueva York

11-S - Terrorist attacks in New York

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It was a profound change in global security policies, in the way the world was conceived and in the day-to-day life of citizens. It was a total challenge to the values of freedom and democracy. The risk of terrorist acts remains, but the international community continues to respond with firmness and unity, pushing for greater cooperation and efforts to safeguard world peace and security.

Extension of Twinnings to the European Neighbourhood Policy. FIIAPP contributes to the Accession Treaties that brought 10 new countries into the European Union.


The European Commission launches EUROsociAL+ and delegates its leadership to FIIAPP. The project would become one of the most important European cooperation programmes for social cohesion in Latin America


FIIAPP is accredited by the European Commission to directly execute delegated European cooperation funds, thus leading important regional programs such as Euroclima or PAcCTO.


UN approves 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

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The 193 UN Member States commit to work towards 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Launch of GAR-SI Sahel, a key regional programme with Guardia Civil to stabilise the Sahel region, one of the world's hotspots.

movimiento feminista

The feminist movement takes to the streets

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The feminist movement has activated the collective power of women and has made visible the urgent need to combat gender-based violence, discrimination and the inequalities that still persist. Public institutions play a key role in this struggle as allies and defenders of our rights. We need policies that promote gender equality, protect our rights and guarantee our full participation in society so that all girls and women can grow and live in equality.
Asalto al capitolio

Assault on the Capitol

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If open government was the ibuprofen we have been taking against populist inflammation over the last decade, the pathology has evolved so negatively that a shock treatment is needed. Perhaps we need a new offensive narrative that redefines the value of the public sphere and democracy, that excites again without renouncing evidence and data. We could call it an effective democracy, a perfect bisector between demos and cratos, a new social contract that builds identity and offers us expectations of a better future.

FIIAPP takes over the co-presidency of the Practitioners' Network, a network of most European cooperation agencies.


We commemorate 25 years of building public systems for people and planet!


In this series of #PublicExpertise we put a face and a voice to our development cooperation workers.
They are the public servants who cooperate with other countries to exchange knowledge, improve the institutional framework and the functioning of public systems.

Elsa Marta

Policía Nacional

Álvaro García Pérez-Iraola


Adriana Tostón

Commander of the Guardia Civil

Rosa María Marín

Justice official