FIIAPP in Radio Nacional de España


14/03/2024 Justice in Serbia

Accession to the European Union is for many candidate countries the way to consolidate the rule of law, but the process can be long and complex. From the FIIAPP we carry out cooperation projects that facilitate the institutional and legislative adaptation of candidate countries to EU standards.


01/11/2023 A change in the way energy is produced

Changing the way energy is produced is important in the fight against climate change, but it needs significant funding. Through the European Euroclima programme, we are working in Latin America to share European experience in climate finance.

Un cambio en la forma de producir energía



11/10/2023 Talento Público: Adriana Tostón, Commander of the Civil Guard

Knowledge is an engine for change, that’s why we have to share it. At the FIIAPP, we mobilise the Public Talent of our institutions for this purpose. Adriana Tostón, a development worker and commander in the Guardia Civil, tells us why it is important for the world to cooperate in order to achieve safer societies.

Talento Público: Adriana Tostón, comandante Guardia Civil


04/10/2023 Young people are the future and the strength

Half of the Tunisian population are young people. Through the Maghroum’in project, work is being done to include them and listen to them, taking their needs into account in political processes.

Cooperación hacia la seguridad, la paz y el desarrollo


27/09/2023 Rights-based drug policies

Problematic drug use not only has an impact on the health and wellbeing of the individual drug user, but also on the whole community. To prevent and curb drug use, public drug policies in Latin America are adopting a new human rights-based approach.

Políticas de drogas basadas en derechos


20/09/2023 The importance of keeping our documentation safe

Keeping your documents safe is more important than you might think. Having your identity stolen can get you into trouble with the law. Cooperation also plays an important role in the fight against this crime.

La importancia de tener nuestra documentación a salvo