Institutional support for improving the performance of the Tunisian research and innovation system


11/01/2022 End of the twinning of the Ministries of Science of Tunisia and Spain

After three busy years, the twinning project between the Ministry of Science of Tunisia and the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain has come...

03/11/2021 Tunisia and Spain share experiences on innovation and development

Tunisian researchers travelled to Madrid to meet with their Spanish counterparts as part of the project to support innovation in...

29/09/2021 Granada and Tunis: two cities twinned by science

The science museums of Granada and Tunis are twinned thanks to the Tunisian Science and Innovation capacity building support...

26/02/2021 Tunisia and Spain exchange experiences to promote scientific dissemination

The aim is to foster scientific dissemination, ensuring that the results of the research can reach the population and serve as a tool for training...

13/07/2020 Tunisia looks to scientific diplomacy to boost research and innovation

The twinning project continues to drive Tunisian science...

18/06/2020 Tunisia works to modernise R&D systems

New training plan in Research and Development to boost Tunisia’s competitiveness and international...

12/04/2019 Spain supports Tunisian research and innovation

The "Institutional support to improve the capabilities of Tunisia's research and innovation system" project kicks...

07/03/2019 Tunisia strengthens its research and science system

This twinning project, funded by the European Union, aims to improve the country's research and science...


02/12/2021 “The tenacity of researchers has been key to Spanish science”

We interview Enrique Playán, director of Spain’s State Research Agency, an institution with which FIIAPP works on international cooperation projects This agency promotes scientific and technical research and funds R+D+i...

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