Proyecto amenazas biológicas NRBQ (36): MediPIET


11/08/2016 MediPIET visita el campo de refugiados de Zaatari

La formación sobre prevención de epidemias forma parte del proyecto MediPIET, financiado por la UE y gestionado por la...

04/09/2014 ”Training for trainers” for Mediterranean epidemiology experts

Between 3rd and 5th September, the first “Training for Trainers” workshop of the Mediterranean Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training...

24/06/2014 Enhancing health security in the Mediterranean

MediPIET, a project led by the FIIAPP and the National Epidemiology Centre of the Carlos III Institute(CNE-ISCIII) that aims to strengthen health...

26/05/2015 Meeting to integrate the countries of the Black Seat into MediPIET

The MediPIET cooperation programme, financed by the European Commission, will work for two days with experts from Armenia, Georgia, Moldavia and...


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