Strengthening of the Moldovan Transplant Agency


31/10/2014 Spain as an example for the Moldovan Transplant Agency

The FIIAPP organizes a visit by Moldovan experts to the Catalonian Transplant Organization (OCATT) Spanish professionals are showing them the Catalonian healthcare...

19/06/2013 Spain helps Moldova in transplants

The FIIAPP coordinates the activities, in which the Catalan Transplant Organisation, the Transplants Institute and the French Biomedicine Agency will...

06/03/2015 Spanish experts visit Moldova within the framework of a FIIAPP health project

The FIIAPP is managing a transplant project in Moldova with the objective of supporting the country in its efforts to draft legislation and build a...

18/03/2016 The Spanish organ donation and transplant system is being exported to Moldova

After just over two years, the “Strengthening the Transplant Agency of the Republic of Moldova” project, managed by FIIAPP with European funding...

03/02/2014 Transplant project in Moldova

FIIAPP is cooperating with Moldova to strengthen its transplant system and make it...




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