CADAP 7: Cooperation programme between the EU and Central Asian countries to reduce the demand for drugs


30/03/2022 The National Drug Plan and FIIAPP join forces to strengthen drug policies in Central Asia

El objetivo de la 7º fase de CADAP es reducir la demanda de drogas entre los grupos vulnerables a través de un enfoque basado en el género y los derechos...

18/10/2021 CADAP 7 starts the consultation process in Central Asia

First meetings between CADAP and the authorities of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to identify the main objectives for action on drugs in Central...

04/10/2021 Support for drug addiction rehabilitation and treatment in prisons

The EU strengthens drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation services in Kyrgyz prisons through CADAP 7, led by...

03/09/2021 CADAP 7: Action Against Drugs in Central Asia

FIIAPP leads the seventh phase of the European CADAP programme, which promotes the development of drug demand reduction policies in Central...

18/08/2021 Reducing the demand for drugs in Central Asia

The European CADAP 7 project involving the European Union and Central Asian countries sets out to reduce the demand for...


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CADAP: against drugs in Central Asia

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