CADAP 7: Cooperation programme between the EU and Central Asian countries to reduce the demand for drugs


18/10/2021 CADAP 7 starts the consultation process in Central Asia

First meetings between CADAP and the authorities of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to identify the main objectives for action on drugs in Central...

04/10/2021 Support for drug addiction rehabilitation and treatment in prisons

The EU strengthens drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation services in Kyrgyz prisons through CADAP 7, led by...

03/09/2021 CADAP 7: Action Against Drugs in Central Asia

FIIAPP leads the seventh phase of the European CADAP programme, which promotes the development of drug demand reduction policies in Central...

18/08/2021 Reducing the demand for drugs in Central Asia

The European CADAP 7 project involving the European Union and Central Asian countries sets out to reduce the demand for...


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CADAP: against drugs in Central Asia

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