EU-ACT, action against drug trafficking and organised crime


16/11/2020 Psychiatrists and doctors receive training in new psychoactive substances and their effects

Specialists from Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus and Pakistan receive a refresher course on club drugs and new psychoactive...

22/10/2020 Doctors and psychiatrists receive training on new psychoactive substances

Within the framework of the EU-ACT project, specialists from several countries have been trained on the effects of psychoactive...

09/10/2020 Modernising IT systems enhances financial intelligence

The EU-ACT project is working with Ukraine, which has received new IT equipment to increase the effectiveness of the Financial Intelligence...

11/09/2020 Forensic techniques to combat drug trafficking in Ukraine

The EU-ACT European project has organised a workshop to highlight the role of forensic techniques in improving the fight against drug trafficking in...

14/04/2020 Work to rehabilitate prisoners in Ukraine continues online

EU-ACT has organised video conferences with specialists from Spanish and Ukrainian...

02/04/2020 Ukrainian police strengthen the fight against drug trafficking

Thanks to the collaboration of EU-ACT, security forces have carried out three drug seizures and dismantled an organised crime...

10/09/2019 Pakistan joins forces with EU-ACT to fight drugs

Pakistan, a key country in the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime in South...

23/05/2019 Presentation of a rehabilitation manual for prison inmates

The EU-ACT project funded by the European Union is enabling Ukraine to implement a rehabilitation programme for drug...

14/12/2018 EU-ACT works with the Moldovan police

The objective of EU-ACT and the Moldovan General Office of the Prosecutor was to improve the use of special investigative techniques by the country's...


28/05/2020 FIIAPP Expatriates: José Manuel Colodrás

José Manuel Colodrás, Police Chief Inspector and coordinator of the FIIAPP-managed and European Union-financed EU-ACT project, tells us about his experiences and his day to day life working and living in...

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