FIIAPP in Radio Nacional de España


07/10/2020 Fake news

Today’s society is characterised by the possibility of accessing a large amount of information, but it is not always true. In today’s programme, we discussed with Alejandro Palomino, chief inspector of the National Police central cybercrime unit, the problem of false information. Projects such as “EL PAcCTO: support for Ameripol” try to avoid fake news by promoting the exchange of experiences and best practices between administrations.

Las ‘fake news’


30/09/2020 FIIAPP’s work with public institutions: The Ministry of the Interior

One of FIIAPP’s objectives is to benefit citizens through the management of its projects. But it could not do so without the work carried out by public administrations, such as the specialists from the Ministry of the Interior who put all their know-how at our service to exchange experiences with other countries.

El trabajo de la FIIAPP con las instituciones públicas


23/09/2020 Romanian vineyards

Romanian vineyards have been uniting our country with Romania for more than ten years through the European twinning project Support for strengthening the wine subsector in Romania , managed by FIIAPP.


Cooperación pública en el mundo – Los viñedos rumanos – 23/09/20


16/09/2020 Modernising the Cuban Gazette

The Cuban Gazette is the official bulletin, the Cuban counterpart of the Spanish BOE. Cuba is going to great lengths to modernise it through digitisation and is doing so with the collaboration of the European Union-Cuba II Experience Exchange project, which is funded by the European Union and managed by FIIAPP.  In today’s programme we will tell you all about that process.

Modernización de la Gaceta cubana


10/09/2020 Eurofront

 FIIAPP manages European projects. Today we are talking about a new project, Eurofront, which aims to strengthen border management. Specifically, at four border points in Latin America.



02/09/2020 What is OLAF?

FIIAPP has been working with Spanish and European public institutions for more than 20 years. One of these institutions is the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF.) In today’s programme we tell you what this organisation is and what its work consists of. 

¿Qué es la OLAF?