This project seeks to strengthen the international cooperation capabilities of the partner countries' police forces, as well as the cooperation links with their judicial branches and public ministries in the fight against organised crime.

Despite its socio-economic progress, the region continues to face significant challenges in the area of public safety. Organised crime and its transnational networks are directly related to this problem.

AMERIPOL (Police Community of the Americas) was founded in 2007 in Bogotá (Colombia) with this priority. It also seeks to become a benchmark in police cooperation, as regards both the region and relations between Latin America and the European Union.

This support project is an integral part of the EL PACcTO regional programme and will be closely coordinated with it. During the three years of its implementation, it will also benefit from collaboration with the National Police Corps.

  • Project data

  • Countries

    Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Dominican Rep..

  • Sector

    Security and fight against organized crime

  • Total budget


  • Financer

    Comisión Europea

  • Collaborating Spanish institution

    Ministerio del Interior

  • Date

    Start - 20/10/2017
    End - 20/07/2022

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