Protection of Bulgarian nature

The general objective of the project is to improve the status of conservation of the environment in Bulgaria. In particular, work will be done on the Natura 2000 network, which includes special conservation areas designated by the Habitat Directive and special protection areas designated by the Wild Birds Directive.

The final objective will be for Bulgaria to comply with all the regulations in accordance with the acquis communautaire.

  • Project data

  • Countries


  • Sector

    Green economy: Climate change, energy, agriculture and fisheries

  • Total budget

    400.000,00 €

  • Financer

    Comisión Europea

  • Collaborating Spanish institution

    CCAA Castilla y León - Fundación del Patrimonio natural de Castilla y León

  • Date

    Start - 08/05/2009
    End - 01/10/2010

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