• 29 October 2021


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    ECI CT Niger: Joint Investigation Team in the fight against terrorism

    ECI-Níger está liderado por España, con la gestión de la FIIAPP y el trabajo de la Policía Nacional y el apoyo de la policía francesa, lucha contra la trata de personas y la migración irregular.

    Inspired by the NIGER JIT to fight against  migrant smuggling and human trafficking , this project seeks to contribute to the fight against criminal networks linked to terrorism in Niger, by creating a joint investigation team (JIT) within the Central Service for the Fight against Terrorism and Organised Transnational Crime (CSFTO/COT). 

    The main lines of action of this project, which has European funding via the Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, are to strengthen operational and judicial capacities, improve the rate of solving investigations and support the regional judicial and police cooperation of the services involved in the fight against terrorism, particularly in the area of Tillabéri called the three-border zone (Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso) 

    For 24 months, this project will be conducted under French leadership (CIVIPOL) and will also benefit from the management of the FIIAPP and the work of specialists from the Spanish National Police to support the Nigerian police in the effective operation of the criminal justice system in offences against terrorism .