• 26 September 2023


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    FIIAPP manifesto


    We believe in the power of institutions and public policies to create a better world.

    Because they are the beginning of change, for more people, for longer.

    In a world that no longer understands borders and needs global solutions to shared challenges.

    We listen to the demands of countries, opening spaces for dialogue between equals in administrations, learning and offering tailor-made solutions.

    We know that our institutions are full of public talent, of people committed to the value of the public sector.

    We want their knowledge and experience to flow freely, back and forth, building trust between countries, bringing societies closer together.

    We share European values, enriching them with new perspectives.

    We mobilise all public sector efforts in this direction: public systems for people and planet.

    The views and opinions expressed in this blog are the sole responsibility of the person who write them.

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