• 26 June 2017


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    Getting to know the FIIAPP: Management Systems and Procedures Programme

    A tool is being created for efficiency, transparency and work/life balance, Agustín Fernández told us


    We met Agustín Fernández who is responsible for the management systems and procedures project of the FIIAPP to tell us what he’s working on in his department.


    As he explained, “the FIIAPP is a large institution with a high level of international cooperation project management in addition to an institution that has always opted for innovation, therefore, it is at the forefront of Spanish public administrations”. To continue this performance, it needed a comprehensive digital transformation of its procedures.


    To this end, the Department of Management Systems and Processes has been working for more than a year to design a comprehensive information management tool, that besides providing daily work on managing projects, will contribute to the transparency of the FIIAPP and the work-life balance of employees.



    The FIIAPP is an institution that manages European Union funds from the contributions of taxpayers, therefore, as Augustine said, “we have to be able to be accountable to citizens”. Therefore, the new tool has a business intelligence component that enable all the up-to-date economic and financial information of projects to be collected immediately and make it available to both the FIIAPP and citizens in general.


    Efficient resource management

    In turn, this is a comprehensive economic-financial resources management tool that will make project paperwork and payments easier by digitising invoices.

    On the other hand, the volume of mobilisation of experts of the FIIAPP requires a flexible work system. Augustine explains which solution has been found for this problem: “We collected all these experts in a database that will facilitate receipts and invoices, in addition to having more precise monitoring of the project.”


    Finally, another result that it is hoped this tool will achieve is a better work/life balance “as it will allow teleworking, i.e. we will be able to work from anywhere because the tool is going to be in the cloud. You will be able to work from home, while traveling, etc.” and this has an impact on workers’ wellbeing.


    It is hoped that this tool will be launched at the start of the year 2018. With this adaptation, not only is it expected to improve the FIIAPP’s work, but it can be used as a reference for many other institutions, both Spanish and foreign, working on international cooperation projects.

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