• 11 June 2024


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    Public Expertise for the World: Sprint on 16th Street

     FIIAPP will gather public sector talent from institutions to address the role of public cooperation in facing global challenges and achieving the SDGs in the final stretch of the 2030 Agenda.


    Creating effective and transparent institutions that are accountable is one of the key objectives outlined in Sustainable Development Goal 16. Europe has decisively contributed throughout this journey with a unique value proposition: public technical cooperation.

    By connecting institutions to directly exchange knowledge and experiences, and by establishing networks of institutional coordination across different countries, we have successfully found joint solutions to numerous shared challenges.


    We have just six years left to achieve this goal, and we need to pick up the pace. It won’t be a smooth journey. The rise of populism and the escalation of conflicts have turned this process into an obstacle course in its final stretch. Only through an international perspective and a clear reaffirmation of multilateralism and the rule of law can we sustain and accelerate progress.

    We gather the public expertise from our institutions, our long-distance runners, to shine a spotlight on this SDG and reflect on the contribution of public cooperation to this goal during the final sprint.

    When? June 20, 2024 17:30

    Where? Watch the event live at this link:

    [Event Link]

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