• 14 October 2013


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    Spanish civil servants, an example for the rest of the world

    Over 1,000 public employees participate in the FIIAPP’s projects each year. They strive to improve public operations and the quality of life through technical assistance projects, R&D, and public leadership, while training leaders and high-level civil servants.

    Many government organisations are dedicated to the development of our society, but there aren’t many that rely on civil servants as a fundamental element in this progress. This, however, is the case of the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP), a public institution dedicated to international cooperation that specialises in the promotion of good governance.

    With the goal of improving institutional frameworks in the countries where the FIIAPP works and of strengthening the image of Spain and Europe abroad, the organisation annually mobilises over 1,000 civil servants to participate in our projects, improving legal frameworks, public sector operations, and the quality of life through technical assistance, R&D, and public leadership, by training leaders and high-level civil servants.

    Ambassadors of the Spain brand

    The success of the FIIAPP’s 15 years in operation is due to the contribution of the know-how of over 10,000 civil servants in cooperation projects with various administrations. They are the foundation of these projects, the basis of our competitiveness for winning bids with international organisations, and a very important part of Spain’s reputation abroad. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of this role and many civil servants are unfamiliar with our projects. We have to change this situation,” says Javier Quintana, Director of FIIAPP.

    Since the organisation was founded, public employees have been responsible for modernising public administrations and are, therefore, the best ambassadors of the Spain brand. Spanish civil servants are the best example of our country as a leader in many sectors, and for other countries to value our knowledge and experience regarding important issues such as exports, justice, safety, the environment, agriculture, and transportation.

    A high-level Board of Directors

    The Administration’s involvement in this foundation is evident in the high-level members of its Board of Directors. Headed by the Vice President of the Government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, the Board also includes the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Minister of Justice and Health, and the Minister of Social Services and Equality, who serve as spokespeople for the institution, and are accompanied by…

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