Economic and budgetary information

Annual accounts, audit and financial control

Below, you can access the accounts presented by the FIIAPP and the audit reports issued by the public control bodies that audit the FIIAPP: the Intervención General de la Administración del Estado and the Tribunal de Cuentas.

Recruitment data

List of contracts awarded

Statistical data on contracts

  • See details on the budgetary volume of contracts awarded through the LCSP.

Budgetary execution

  • This information is published in Annex 3.B) of the annual accounts, which details the liquidation of the operating and capital budgets.

Remuneration and indemnities

  • The gross annual remuneration of the director for the financial year 2024 amounts to 93,835 euros.
  • There is currently only one person with a senior management contract.
  • The members of the Board of Trustees and the Standing Committee do not receive any remuneration or allowances.

Minor Contracts

List of agreements signed


  • The FIIAPP does not currently formalise subcontracting.
*Distribución presupuesto en ejecución (2018-2022).

Further information

Public subsidies and grants

  • The FIIAPP does not currently grant any public subsidies or grants.


Work compatibility of the equipment used: Compatibility after the cessation of senior management:
  • At present, there is no authorisation for the exercise of private activity after the cessation of the person holding the directorship.