FIIAPP in Radio Nacional de España


19/09/2023 Controlled burning to prevent fires

Fires are a catastrophe for the environment. Controlled burning is a way to prevent these fires that cause so much damage to people and the climate.

Quemas controladas para evitar incendios


13/09/2023 A digital future for Ukraine

War can truncate the daily life and future possibilities of the younger generations. That is why we at FIIAPP are implementing a project to promote digital education in all Ukrainian schools and thus bring more opportunities in the field of technology to the future of Ukraine.

Un futuro digital para Ucrania


03/08/2023 Cooperation against trafficking in human beings

Human trafficking is a crime and a serious violation of human rights that affects practically every country in the world and generates millions in profits for those who profit from the exploitation of other human beings. At FIIAPP, we advocate for cooperation as a fundamental tool to strengthen the mechanisms and institutions of countries to stop trafficking and protect victims.

Cooperación frente a la trata


19/07/2023 Public Expertise: Elsa Marta, National Police

To understand an idea, theory alone is not enough. That is why, to talk about cooperation, today we have the testimony of Elsa Marta, an inspector of the National Police in a project in Senegal. She tells us why it is important to fight against trafficking and, above all, why it is necessary to work together for a better world.

Talento Público: Elsa Marta, Policía Nacional


12/07/2023 Security in the Sahel allied with development

Security contributes to a calmer population, with more economic and social benefits. The European GARSI Sahel project has contributed in several African countries to a better life for their populations by strengthening security in different regions.

La seguridad en el Sahel aliada con el desarrollo


05/07/2023 Myths about climate change

Although there have been many years of research and work on the planet’s climate situation, there is still a lot of misinformation and there are still many myths and truths about climate change. In today’s programme we learn about some of them.

Mitos sobre el cambio climático