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09/07/2020 Egipto mejora su oficina de patentes

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Patentar cualquier invento es muy importante, ya que el hecho de tenerlo patentado hace que se puedan controlar las falsificaciones de muchos productos. La FIIAPP gestiona este proyecto Twinning, financiado por la Unión Europea, entre España y Egipto para ayudarles a mejorar su oficina de Patentes y Marcas. El coordinador español y la coordinadora egipcia nos hablan del proyecto.
Egipto mejora su oficina de patentes


01/07/2020 What are cyber patrols?

  The network is not always a crime free space. Since the internet became popular, cybercrime has steadily increased. Faced with this situation, in this week's programme we interviewed the chief inspector of the National Police, Diego Alejandro Palomino, to talk about the work the police undertake on the internet: cyber patrols.  

¿Qué es el ciberpatrullaje?


13/03/2020 What is energy efficiency?

This week we are joined by collaborators in the renewable energy project in Cuba, which receives funds from the European Union and in which the FIIAPP is a participant. They will help us delve into the meaning of energy efficiency and how we can help reduce energy consumption, produce less pollution and mitigate climate change.

Cooperación pública y eficiencia energética


06/03/2020 Gender approach in cooperation projects

Why is it important to apply a gender approach in international cooperation?  How do projects like MYPOL, Bridging the Gap or EUROsociAL+ do this?

Fiiapp, cooperación en proyectos de género


28/02/2020 The work of FIIAPP with institutions: General Secretariat of Prisons

As part of its work to improve public systems, FIIAPP forges alliances with other institutions. This week we will learn about the work of the General Secretariat of Prisons and the cooperation projects, managed by FIIAPP and funded by the European Union, with which it collaborates. Among these are the twinning project entitled Improved management of terrorists and dangerous criminals in Turkish prisons, and the EU-ACT project to take action against drugs and organised crime.  

Cooperación pública en el mundo en materia penitenciaria


21/02/2020 What is a forerunner?

This week we’ll learn what a forerunner is from one of the specialists at the centre of intelligence against terrorism and organised crime (CITCO). We will discover how they work at the CITCO to prevent the diversion of such substances for criminal use.

Los precursores y la cooperación pública

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