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20/01/2021 Visibilizar a las personas con discapacidad sin estereotipos

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¿Cómo visibilizar la discapacidad y combatir, al mismo tiempo, los estereotipos que rodean a las personas con discapacidad? El fotógrafo Christian Tasso, que ha tomado fotografías en Paraguay, Etiopía y Ecuador en el marco del proyecto europeo Bridging the Gap, nos lo cuenta. 
Visibilizar la discapacidad


13/01/2021 EUROFRONT: border management in Latin America

EUROFRONT is an European cooperation programme that is being implemented in Latin America with the aim of contributing to security, the protection of human rights and social and economic development at the national and regional level at four border crossings.

El trabajo de EUROFRONT


04/01/2021 The fourth phase of anti-drug trafficking project SEACOP comes to an end

After more than ten years of work, including participation by Spain's Policía Nacional and Guardia Civil, the fourth phase of SEACOP, a seaport cooperation project to support the fight against drug trafficking, has come to an end.

Finaliza la cuarta fase de SEACOP


23/12/2020 The work of the fishing sector in Turkey through cooperation

FIIAPP manages this Twinning project in Turkey through which Spanish specialists work with their Turkish counterparts to strengthen the country's fishing sector. It is a project that is funded by the European Union and counts on the participation of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment and the Galician Department of the Sea.

El trabajo del sector pesquero en Turquía


16/12/2020 The EUROsociAL+ programme in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has joined the European cooperation programme EUROsociAL+, becoming its first member country in the Caribbean. With this inclusion, the programme will work to fight against inequality, reinforce social cohesion and gender equality in the country.

El proyecto EUROsociAL+ en la República Dominicana


09/12/2020 International Civil Aviation Day

What is commemorated on the 7th of December? International Civil Aviation Day. For this reason, today we are talking to a specialist from the European Aviation Safety Agency. Through one of its cooperation projects, FIIAPP works in Ukraine to help adapt its regulations to European standards. 

Día Internacional de Aviación Civil

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