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09/06/2021 International cooperation: Towards social cohesion

Gender equality, inclusion of people with disabilities, combating racism. All are objectives of the Public Administration and Social Affairs area of the FIIAPP. Today we talk about its work to achieve these goals.

Cooperación internacional: Hacia la cohesión social


02/06/2021 What is delegated cooperation?

We are talking about delegated cooperation, a form of indirect cooperation carried out by the European Commission. At FIIAPP we work in the management of delegated cooperation projects such as EUROsociAL+ or EL PAcCTO.  

¿En qué consiste la cooperación delegada?


26/05/2021 Cooperation projects known as Twinning

The FIIAPP manages Twinning projects, a very special type of European Commission cooperation because it is based on the twinning of public institutions from different countries.  

Los proyectos de cooperación Twinning


19/05/2021 FIIAPP, a knowledge organisation

Hablamos del conocimiento para poner en valor la importancia estratégica que la FIIAPP le da a la gestión del conocimiento como camino para mantener un aprendizaje continuo. 


12/05/2021 Cooperation towards security, peace and development

Having solid institutions is essential to guaranteeing the security and development of societies, which is why FIIAPP has a Security, Peace and Development area through which it can manage projects in countries such as Mali and Burkina Faso. 

Cooperación hacia la seguridad, la paz y el desarrollo


05/05/2021 Civil enforcement in Turkey

It is essential that countries have good judicial systems and that the justice they dispense inspires the confidence of their populations. Through this FIIAPP-managed and European-funded cooperation project, work has been carried out to achieve this.  

Ejecución civil en Turquía

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