FIIAPP in Radio Nacional de España


24/11/2021 Transport Safety in North Africa and the Sahel

By means of the SECTRANS NAS project, Transport Safety in North Africa and the Sahel, we are working to strengthen the transport of dangerous goods in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali.

Seguridad en el transporte en norte de África y el Sahel


17/11/2021 International cooperation between public sector institutions

Judges, doctors, police officers, prosecutors, teachers... there are numerous Spanish public sector employees who work in FIIAPP-managed international projects through public sector technical cooperation. Today we are talking about this form of cooperation which focuses on strengthening public sector systems.

La cooperación internacional entre instituciones públicas


10/11/2021 FIIAPP, committed to transparency

Transparency has to be a basic principle of any organisation or company. We discuss how to improve public systems, be accountable to ordinary people and ensure access to public information with Laura Gonzalvo, the FIIAPP Internal Audit and Risk Control Manager and Mariano Guillén, head of the Justice and Rule of Law department. 

La FIIAPP, compromiso con la transparencia


03/11/2021 Crime on the borders of Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica

Borders are key points to combating criminal networks. The FIIAPP works with the National Police to fight organised crime between the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica through a European cooperation project with the aim of reinforcing work against crime on the borders. 

Crimen en las fronteras de Haití, R.Dominicana y Jamaica


28/10/2021 The FIIAPP’s work with the Ministry of Ecological Transition

The FIIAPP has working with public administrations in its DNA and confronts great challenges like the fight against climate change. Today we talk about the Foundation’s work in cooperation projects with the Ministry of Ecological Transition. 

El trabajo FIIAPP con el Ministerio de Transición Ecológica


20/10/2021 Turkey and Spain, strengthening Turkish justice

Spain is working together with Turkey to improve and update the skills of judges and prosecutors through a cooperation project with specialists from Spain’s General Council of the Judiciary. 

Turquía y España, reforzar la justicia turca

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