FIIAPP in Radio Nacional de España


06/07/2022 Ukraine: how to cooperate in times of war?

A few months ago the Russian invasion of Ukraine changed the lives of many people. FIIAPP is working in Ukraine on a project to digitize the country's public services, but how do you work in wartime?


30/06/2022 How does the exchange of experts help Cuba?

What does the exchange of experts consist of? What is it for in international cooperation? We talked to experts from the Expert Exchange Program in Cuba, led by the FIIAPP.


22/06/2022 #TalentoPúblico for the world

Más de 700 funcionarios de nuestras administraciones públicas están presentes en más de 120 países alrededor del mundo. Hoy reconocemos el talento púbico de nuestras instituciones.


16/06/2022 Drugs: global solutions for global problems

What can be done to reduce the drug problem? How does it affect women? What is the scenario in Latin America?


08/06/2022 Practitioners’ Network: the strength of united cooperation

What is the Practitioners' Network and what is its role in international cooperation? FIIAPP has assumed the co-presidency of the network together with the Dutch SNV. We spoke with Mariana Fernandez, FIIAPP's coordinator for the co-presidency.


01/06/2022 Indigenous peoples: the key to caring for the planet

A large percentage of Peru's population is made up of indigenous peoples who have the knowledge necessary to preserve the planet's biodiversity. For this reason, FIIAPP has collaborated in the creation of the indigenous peoples' platform.

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