FIIAPP in Radio Nacional de España


07/02/2020 Twinning Education Project in Algeria

This week we will meet the Education in Algeria Twinning Project that, thanks to European Union funding and FIIAPP's management, has twinned the Ministries of Education in Algeria and Spain, specifically through the Castile and Leon regional Ministry of Education.

Educación en Argelia con la Fiiapp


03/02/2020 FIIAPP and the National Institute of Toxicology

In 2018 alone, the FIIAPP mobilised more than 700 institutions among all its projects.In this programme we talk about one of them: The Spanish National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences, under the Spanish Ministry of Justice.The director of the department of Madrid, Carolina Sánchez, tells us about it. 

La Fiiapp y el Instituto Nacional de Toxicología


24/01/2020 International Education Day

To celebrate UN International Education Day, which is held on 24 January, in this week's programme on Public Cooperation in the World we talk about two twinning programmes managed by FIIAPP; the first fosters improvement in research and innovation in Algeria, while the second implements guidelines from the European Higher Education Area in Morocco. Pilar Garcés, Deputy Minister for Universities and Research in the Regional Government of Castilla y León and Antonio García, Professor at the University of Valladolid, will be acquainting us with both programmes respectively.

Día Internacional de la Educación


17/01/2020 What is computer forensics?

In this programme we talk with Francisco Benítez, a sub-inspector with the National Police central cybercrime unit, who explains what forensic computing is and its application in police investigations.

Informática forense


10/01/2020 2020 in FIIAPP in the words of its secretary general

In this programme, Inmaculada Zamora, general secretary of FIIAPP, takes stock of the last year, telling us about her career at the foundation and giving us some insights into the challenges FIIAPP will face in 2020.

Cooperación publica en el mundo: proyectos para 2020


20/12/2019 The anti-drug project in Bolivia comes to an end

For almost three years, the project, managed by the FIIAPP and financed by the European Commission, has given European support to the special anti-drug forces in the application of Bolivian law.  During this time, specialists have worked closely with Bolivian institutions. In this programme, the expert voices that have participated take stock of the progress made in this area. 

Finaliza el proyecto de Fiiapp en Bolivia

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