FIIAPP in Radio Nacional de España


27/11/2020 FIIAPP’s work in education

FIIAPP is committed to the 2030 Agenda and SDG number 4, which ensures quality education. In today’s programme we will be learning about the cooperation projects that FIIAPP manages in collaboration with the Department of Education of Castilla y León.

El trabajo de la FIIAPP en Educación


18/11/2020 A-TIPSOM voice

Fighting human trafficking is a global challenge. FIIAPP cooperates with the National Police in Nigeria to combat this crime. Today we are talking about the radio programme A-TIPSOM VOICE, a key player in this fight.

A-Tipsom Voice


11/11/2020 GARSI Sahel Civil Guard Rapid Action Groups in the Sahel

The Rapid Action Groups (GAR) is an elite Civil Guard unit that works in collaboration with its French, Italian and Portuguese counterparts to establish these units in the African belt, the Sahel, to achieve a better quality of life for its citizens.

GAR-SI Sahel


04/11/2020 The fight against terrorism in Lebanon

Organised crime and terrorism challenge everyone. FIIAPP works together with the Ministry of the Interior on a project in Lebanon for a democratic society, and for the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Lucha contra el terrorismo en el Líbano


28/10/2020 FIIAPP and its work with the Ministry of Justice

The raison d’être behind FIIAPP is inextricable from its work with public institutions and the dedication of its specialists. This week we talk about its work with the Ministry of Justice. The specialist Javier Samper tells us about the ministry's involvement in international cooperation.

La FIIAPP y su trabajo con el Ministerio de Justicia


21/10/2020 Joint Operational Partnership in Senegal

FIIAPP works in Senegal with several Senegalese institutions such as the Ministry of the Interior, Defence, Finance and Justice and the Spanish institution of the Policía Nacional on a project funded by the European Union’s Emergency Trust Fund, which is led by the French institution CIVIPOL. This is the POC project: Joint Operational Partnership. In this programme we travel to the African country to talk about matters such as migratory flows and the work of the project in this country. 

POC, Partenariado Operacional Conjunto en Senegal

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