FIIAPP in Radio Nacional de España


24/03/2022 The history and evolution of cryptocurrencies

How did cryptocurrencies arise? Why are we living a boom of this form of payment? The captain of the Civil Guard and in charge of the Cyber Criminal Intelligence Group, Alberto Orduna, gives us the answers.


16/03/2022 Do we all have access to justice?

Bureaucracy, technical language, discrimination... There are many barriers that vulnerable people encounter when it comes to accessing justice. We are launching the #AbramosLaJusticia campaign, in which justice institutions in Europe and Latin America are committed to guaranteeing this right. Join us on social media: #AbramosLaJusticia!


09/03/2022 Where does the recovery in Latin America go from here?

The pandemic has aggravated inequality in Latin America. We talked about the challenges facing the continent and the possible joint solutions we are working on at FIIAPP with the director of the Eurosocial+ cooperation program.


02/03/2022 Sexual harassment of children and adolescents on social media

One in three internet users is a minor. Are they sufficiently protected against the crime of ‘grooming’ (sexual harassment of minors online)? The founder of Grooming Argentina gives us the keys both for preventing this crime and for knowing how to act if we suspect it is taking place in our environment. 


24/02/2022 Improving drug policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

It is not always necessary to rely on detention to deal with problematic substance abuse. Copolad is a European programme to improve drug policies in Latin America and the Caribbean. The following is a presentation of the third phase of this programme.  


17/02/2022 Support for community policing in Lebanon

One of the goals of the police is to gain public trust, and in this European project the FIIAPP works with the National Police to promote community policing in Lebanon.  

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