Areas of the Natura 2000 Network in Estonia

In 2007, Estonia adopted the Habitats Directive of the European Commission. With the aim that the country can guarantee an adequate management of sites classified as Natura 2000 as soon as possible, the Commission is financing this project managed by FIIAPP.

For six months they will work to establish the priorities of each place according to their needs, prioritising maintenance or restoration, establishing an adequate conservation status for the types of natural habitats and species present.

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  • Sector

    Green economy: climate change, energy, agriculture and fisheries

  • Total budget

    90.836,00 €

  • Financer

    90.836,00 €

  • Collaborating Spanish institution

    CCAA Castilla y León - Patrimonio Natural de Castilla y León

  • Date

    Start - 90.836,00 €
    End - 90.836,00 €

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