Coordination of the EUROsociAL+ programme

FIIAPP is taking on the coordination role for the EUROsociAL programme, which is funded by the European Union through a permanent team to support the programme structures and communication with the units responsible for managing sectoral activities (justice, taxation, employment, health and education).

This allows coordination and strategic orientation activities to be undertaken to ensure standard working methods, visibility and management of shared knowledge, and to promote synergies and common or intersectoral activities.

  • Project data

  • Countries

    Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Paraguay, Dominican Rep., Venezuela, Uruguay.

  • Sector

    Public Administration governance and modernisation

  • Total budget

    3.000.000,00 €

  • Financer

    3.000.000,00 €

  • Collaborating Spanish institution

    "Comisión Europea BID CEPAL PNUD"

  • Date

    Start - "Comisión Europea BID CEPAL PNUD"
    End - "Comisión Europea BID CEPAL PNUD"

  • Partners