EUJUST LEX 2009 Courses

"The Eujust Lex courses are part of the Eujust Lex Mission, an Integrated Mission for the Rule of Law in Iraq, which was unanimously approved by the EU Member States in March 2005 and which pursues the creation of a secure, stable, prosperous and democratic Iraq.
I. Justice "Organised Crime and Terrorism" (8-21/03/2009)
II. Police "Public Order in the framework of Human Rights" (25/05-06/06/2009)
III. Penal Institutions "Development of management standards for prisons within the framework of human rights" (15/06-03/07/2009)
IV. Police "Management of major Critical incidents" (19/10-07/11/2009)
V. Penal Institutions "Management of Penal Centres for social workers in the framework of Human Rights" (16/11-05/12/2009)"

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  • Sector

    Justice and transparency

  • Total budget

    982.550,00 €

  • Financer

    Justice and transparency

  • Collaborating Spanish institution

    "Instituciones Penitenciarias Secretaría Estado Seguridad Centro de Estudios Jurídicos."

  • Date

    Start - Justice and transparency
    End - Justice and transparency

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