Improvement in the capacities of the Judicial Academy in Serbia

Serbia currently has over 13,000 pending cases, and the number of filings is constantly rising. This had given the country the need to address and analyse the causes of the problem. To do so, it has requested help from the European Commission, which is financing the project to be managed over 24 months by The British Council with the collaboration of FIIAPP, Alter Fact, and Alternative Consulting.

Even though certain interpretations are accepted, sometimes different actions are taken in response to the same situation, which is giving rise to a state of legal insecurity and lack of public confidence in the judicial system.

FIIAPP, with the participation of experts from the CGPJ will be collaborating in improving the training of judges and prosecutors with the aim of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of justice, thereby establishing a coherent judicial system in the country and one in which easier access can be guaranteed in addition to harmonisation with EU standards

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    Justicia y transparencia

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    Comisión Europea

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    Consejo General del Poder Judicial

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