Institutional Strengthening Programme in Iraq: EUJUST LEX

This programme forms part of the integrated Eujust Lex Mission aimed at strengthening the Rule of Law in Iraq. The programme pursues the creation of a secure, stable, prosperous and democratic Iraq.

Divided up into several seminars, Eujust Lex is organised by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development in collaboration with the Ministry for Justice, Ministry of the Interior and the General Council of the Judicial Branch.

  • Project data

  • Countries


  • Sector

    Justice and Transparency

  • Total budget

    1.185.000,00 €

  • Financer

    1.185.000,00 €

  • Collaborating Spanish institution

    "Ministerio de Justicia Ministerio del Interior Consejo General del Poder Judicial"

  • Date

    Start - 092092
    End - 092092