Support for the strengthening of the wine sub-sector in Romania

Continuation of the project to harmonise legislation and strengthen management of the wine sector in Romania, in which different aspects that will be explored in this new project were addressed.

With funding from the European Union, work will be done, for example, on administrative mechanisms for the development of the vineyard registry, the creation of the legal basis for harmonising Romanian legislation with the wine CMO, and the development of the Viticulture Industry and Harvest Declarations Registration System.

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  • Sector

    Green Economy: Climate Change, Energy, Agriculture and Fishing

  • Total budget

    839.546,00 €

  • Financer

    839.546,00 €

  • Collaborating Spanish institution

    CCAA La Rioja - Consejería de Agricultura y Desarrollo Económico

  • Date

    Start - 075573
    End - 075573

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09/07/2020 “The joy of seeing how a sector was modernising and adapting to the European Union” Javier Ocón has been a FIIAPP expert on several wine projects in Romania Today he tells us about his relationship with his Romanian counterparts and his last trip to the country to which he has given so much and from which he has received so much... Icono de flecha hacia la derecha