Support from the forces of law of the European Union in the fight against drugs and organised crime in Peru

The objective of the project is to improve the effectiveness of anti-drug and anti-organized crime policies in Peru.

In the preparation phase of the project, three main areas for improvement were identified: training of personnel involved in criminal investigations, cooperation and trust between the agencies involved, and capacity for analysis of drugs and organized crime policies.

In this second phase, the articulation and interoperability of the main entities involved in criminal investigations is being improved in order to achieve greater efficiency and results in the fight against organized crime.

In order to address organized crime in a comprehensive manner, a Multidisciplinary Team Specialized in Environment and Human Trafficking and Smuggling (EMEMA) is being set up.

The EMEMA will be composed of the Environmental Prosecutor's Office (FEMA), the Organized Crime Prosecutor's Office (FECOR), the Police, the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) and SUNAT.

This team will be in charge of complex investigations involving national or international organized gangs, environmental crimes and/or human smuggling and trafficking linked to illegal mining.

The project will support EMEMA's operation through action protocols, training, technical assistance and exchanges with similar groups in Europe and the region. In the case of investigations related to human trafficking and human smuggling crimes linked to illegal mining, the team will be reinforced by specialized police and prosecutors.

In addition, during this second phase it is intended to install a total of three Specialized Multidisciplinary Teams (EME), in particular:

Specialized Multidisciplinary Team on Environment.
Specialized Multidisciplinary Team on human trafficking and human smuggling
Multidisciplinary Team Specialized in homicides of indigenous leaders and environmental defenders.

The objective is to assist Peruvian institutions in ensuring that each Specialized Multidisciplinary Team is formed, equipped and operational, receiving continuous training and operational support.


  • Project data

  • Countries


  • Sector

    Security and the Fight against Organised Crime

  • Total budget


  • Financer

    European Union

  • Collaborating Spanish institution

    Security and the Fight against Organised Crime

  • Date

    Start - 07/01/2019
    End - 06/11/2024

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