Vocational Training and Sustainable Tourism

In the field of "Education, knowledge and skills", the thematic programme of the European Commission, “Investing in people". Targeting demand-based education and technical and professional training systems, the programme supports actions to promote access to decent work through professional education in order to develop people's skills and capabilities.

The project aims to design, develop, disseminate and exchange training and awareness-raising instruments on demand-adapted sustainable tourism in The Gambia, Morocco, Senegal, Bolivia and Nicaragua, with special consideration for the empowerment of women and access and promotion to decent and stable employment.

From a methodological standpoint, the Project has established three working groups formed by the entities of the consortium. Based on their competencies and specialisation, these will be responsible for developing products and activities in the different phases of the project. "

  • Project data

  • Countries

    Bolivia, Gambia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Senegal.

  • Sector

    Economy and public finances

  • Total budget

    1.243.392,00 €

  • Financer

    Economy and public finances

  • Collaborating Spanish institution

    Fundación Cultural Banesto (España), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (España)

  • Date

    Start - Economy and public finances
    End - Economy and public finances

  • Partners