• 24 October 2013


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    Awarded the Police Merit Cross

    The Police Department has made an award to the FIIAPP’s for its close collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior.

    The FIIAPP has collaborated with the Ministry of the Interior since it was founded in 1997. Over the past 16 years, the FIIAPP has managed 137 security projects with a budget of €45.5 million.

    This is the second time the Police Department has recognised the FIIAPP’scontinued hard work in the area of project management. On this occasion, Miguel de Domingo, the FIIAPP’s Director of the Department of Justice and Interior, and Javier Quintana, the former Director of the FIIAPP, were decorated with the Police Merit Cross and a white badge.

    The FIIAPP currently manages 30 projects with the Ministry of the Interior, through essential collaboration and hard work on CBRN projects (Chemical, BiologicalRadiologicalNuclear Defence Plan), projects in the fight against terrorism, and, last but not least, projects in the fight against drug trafficking, by sea, land and air, as well as police training projects in other countries.

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