• 18 June 2013


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    Interview with Javier Sota

    iCoopera interviews Javier Sota Ramos, Coordinator of the Programme for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Spanish Cooperation, of the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Public Administration and Policies (FIIAPP).

    Could you give us an overview of the guidelines that will define the intended new approach of Spanish official cooperation? 

    The 4th Spanish Cooperation Master Plan, approved at the end of December 2012, sets out the guidelines for cooperation over the next four years. Notable goals include: to advance in results-oriented management by all the agents involved in cooperation; to increase the impact through greater concentration of our aid, from both the geographical (reduction to 23 countries) and sector point of view, and in terms of the number of International Organisations that we work with; to promote strategic alliances and the participation of the private sector, by means of collaboration initiatives between the public sector, the private sector and the third sector; to promote innovation and research in development cooperation; to increase accountability and transparency, reinforce evaluation and foment learning and the management of knowledge.

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