• 24 March 2015


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    One year of cooperation on Radio 5

    “Public Cooperation Around the World” is celebrating one year of bringing the FIIAPP reality to 80 thousand listeners each week.


    One year ago “Public Cooperation Around the World” started broadcasting on Radio 5, telling the stories of our projects, our experts on the ground and our day-to-day work to improve public systems in the countries where we work.

    We believe in proactive, daily, direct and transparent communication, and so we didn’t think twice about joining forces with Radio 5 in 2014 to produce our own weekly radio show. This year we’ve managed to attract 80 thousand listeners (according to data from the EGM for the two time slots in which “Public Cooperation Around the World” is broadcast) to follow us, learn about the FIIAPP and be moved by the stories of our beneficiaries.

    The FIIAPP is committed to communication as a basic tool for making contact with citizens. They are the protagonists of our cooperation projects. Because FIIAPP is dedicated to reforms of public systems, legislation and structures that bring long-term benefits to everyone. We believe that the reform of government agencies is essential to definitively change the reality of a country. In addition, we work directly with the European Union, which finances the majority of the projects managed by the FIIAPP around the world.

    One year of telling stories of cooperation, of countries that opt to change their health or judicial systems, stories of international security, of infrastructures and the environment. Our stories that are now also yours. Thank you.

    “Public Cooperation Around the World” is broadcast Mondays at 11:17 and Tuesday at 03:20 on Radio 5.


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