• 19 April 2013


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    Our expert in Turkey

    Today, we present César Seoánez Erkell. He is an insurance broker and he is working on a FIIAPP project in Turkey to prevent the contamination of water.

    Name of the Project:  IPPC – Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control

    How long have you been in the country? 27 months

    Why did you decide to pack your bags and collaborate with the FIIAPP abroad?
    Because it was a very good professional opportunity, both because of the theme of the project and because of the working conditions, in an environment in which you collaborate with many people from different countries and you learn every day. I’d already had a similar experience on another Twinning project in Romania and it was very positive, which encouraged me to get involved with this project.

    What is your job?
    My main objective is to guarantee that the project achieves its goals, meeting the needs of the beneficiary Turkish institution. That means being a communication channel between the Turkish civil servants, fully understanding what needsthey have and what they want us to do, and the Spanish civil servants (and Polish in the case of this project), indicating to them precisely what is asked of them, providing them with the necessary information, coordinating their work and reviewing all the documents so that both sides are fully satisfied with the work done. The work also involves planning and adapting the activities according to the needs of all the parties involved.

    What are the positive and negative aspects of working there?
    Positive: getting to know another country, the people, other ways of working and tackling problems, making contacts.
    Negative: the factors that are beyond our control and which are sometimes missing, such as the engagement, support and decision-making related to the proposals of the project by some at the senior levels of the Ministry.

    Have you had any experience in cooperation before this project?
    Yes, another Twinning project in Romania.

    How would you define the experience?
    Excellent, with a heavy workload, but excellent.

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