• 31 August 2021


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    #PublicExpertise: ECI-Niger has helped save many lives

    Víctor Requeni is Chief Inspector of the National Police and has taken part in FIIAPP's #Public Talent project. Read all about his experience here


    Requeni talks about his work to combat trafficking networks through the ECI-Niger project: ‘I am proud to demonstrate the good work being done by Spain internationally. Being a member of FIIAPP and the National Police allows us to show our professionalism and dedication’. ECI-Niger is funded by the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF).

    What has been the greatest achievement of your experience as a mobilised expert? 

    The greatest achievement is to have successfully combined National Police and FIIAPP work procedures in the Sahel, a very difficult work environment.  It is true that both with police experience and with the essential support that the FIIAPP team gives us daily from its headquarters, the success is shared and has been achieved with some ease despite the innumerable difficulties. Having an excellent human team behind a project is essential to achieving success.

    What are you most proud of?

    Raising international awareness of the good work being done by Spain. Being a member of FIIAPP and of the Spanish National Police allows us to demonstrate our professionalism, dedication and ability to solve problems. Where others give up, this ECI has been decisive, which has made us a role model for similar projects.

    How has your assignment helped to improve the lives of people and the planet?

     The ECI-Niger project aims to dismantle migrant smuggling and human trafficking networks, and has contributed to saving many lives. It was a common practice by human traffickers to abandon migrants in the desert, leaving them to their fate. Dismantling these trafficker networks has undoubtedly saved many lives. Likewise, coordination with other migrant aid operators has gradually improved life for people in these areas.

    What is the main value of the public sector for you?

    The public sector, because it is the result of the economic contributions of all EU citizens, requires  excellent management. The ECI-Niger team, as public resource managers, addresses all logistical and operational needs from the prism of resource optimisation.

    What have you learned?

    This experience has been valuable to me as I have acquired new professional and personal skills. Being a member of ECI-Niger has made me aware of a real problem that is often ignored. In short, this experience has helped me to become a better person.

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